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Printemps, Paris  
21C Museums Hotels, Durham  

News — Press release


The Annual Honorary grant of the
National Bank of Denmark 2015
is attributed to the Danish artist
Astrid Krogh. The prize is
celebrated with a ceremony and
a site specific exhibition in the headquarters of the National Bank
of Denmark, 29 October — 25
November 2015.

Exhibition News:
Nykøbing Katedralskole
Malmø Högskola, Sweden

21C Museums Hotels, Durham
Longchamp, Paris
Design Miami Basel
Galerie Maria Wettergren
16 – 21 June, 2015

Crafted: Objects in Flux
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
25 August, 2015 – 10 January, 2016

Design Miami Basel 2015
Printemps, Paris
Design Miami Basel 2014

Designers Days, Paris 2014
Installations Nordiques


Prize of honour
Askim Ungdomsskole, Norway

PAD London 2013
Design Miami Basel 2013
Recipient of Inga and Ejvind
Kold Christensen Fund,
Merit Award 2013.

Exhibition news:
Malmø Högskola / Niagara
MINDCRAFT 13, Milano

Nya Karolinska, Stockholm
Workshop, Mexico
Design Miami Basel 11–16 June
2013 — Presented by Galerie
Maria Wettergren

The Rijswijk Textile Biennial 2013
15 June – 27 October 2013
Rijswijk Museum, Holland

Astrid Krogh er modtager af
Danish University Centre, Beijing

21C Museum Hotels, Ohio
Upcoming exhibitions, 2012
  Knud V Engelhardts Mindelegat 2012. Please click KVE logo
to read more.

Tournai International Triennial
Design Miami Basel 2011
Mariager Kunstforening

Funding received

Novo Nordisk
Halden Fengsel
Circle Light


Flower of Life

Areas of expertise
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The execution of concrete
site-specific decorative works
of art.

Serving as consultant and/or sparring partner for architects
and others who are working
with spatial concepts.

Product development.


Please call:
0045 2082 3771

or email:


Textiles are texts, narratives
of patterns, that engender
superficial depths. In both
daylight and neon light,the
world unfolds itself in
the surface as complex,
immeasurably vast, wonderful
and incomprehensible.

Sø Steff, 2002


Taking her mark in the traditional methodical approaches to textile design, Astrid Krogh is working with the artistic potentials found
in modern materials and seated
in the application of new techn-ologies. Working with light, both the ungovernable daylight and
the more controllable sources
of artificial light, is essential to Astrid Krogh's activity. What transpires is a complex develop-mental process of analysis, processing and reworking and design, where the specific context and its intrinsic qualities are crucial to the result.


The visual and sensual experience of space has a decisive impact on whether we truly experience its qualities.

Astrid Krogh makes use of
her professional intuition about
the materials' functional and decorative possibilities with respect to form, light and colors
in order to develop, to support
and lift and to qualify the projects in which she participates. She has managed to develop a visionary idiom that suffuses an eventful extra dimension to the situational context of which it forms a part.

“My work always represents the moment of surprise and change, either by virtue of the light's modulation or because the work
is interacting with the viewer's own movements. The sense of wonder that these changes awakens in
the viewers constitutes a crucial dimension of my pieces.”

Every assignment has its own special character.

For Astrid Krogh, it is a matter
of paying careful attention to the place's special qualities at the site where the assignment is to be carried out, and then moving into
a constructive dialogue with the assignment's partners. In this sense, design is a collective process that moves from idea
to sketch to concrete implemen-tation. What is utterly crucial
to Astrid Krogh is to secure an optimal dialogue and a thorough understanding of the project's basic idea with the users and the partners. Regardless of whether the product is being developed as design or as integrated artwork, the vision always has to do with creating a solidly cast product that will elicit an eventful connection between function and decoration, between materials and people.




Design: A2/SW/HK